Thursday, May 19, 2011

Return of the Jedi

Happy Birthday Daddy


Nicki has come a long way in the last few months! The best part is that she's peeing outside now!

Visiting with cousin Owen.

Helping Daddy in the yard.

One of Colby's favorite thing is to play in the sink, and to help "wash" dishes.

One night Colby told us he was going to go potty, and he did. Much celebrating and high fiving followed.

Hanging out

Colby found mommy's hair product, and used it. A lot of it.

Modeling his sweater made by Nana.

Chillin' watchin' the Backyardigans

Maybe watching Diego this time in his super naked baby outfit. Colby loves to run around naked after his bath as super naked baby.

Flying high!

Big boy bed

Helping Daddy take down the crib : (

Showing us how he climbs out of the crib.

Asleep in the jogger after a walk with Daddy and Nicki.

Trying out the new big boy bed. Colby decided to start climbing out of his crib so we had to upgrade to a big boy bed a lot sooner that we had planned.