Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TTTS World Awareness, etc.

Well, we somehow missed the TTTS World Awareness Day (on December 7). I should not really say we "missed" the awareness day, since TTTS, in some way, shape or form, is part of our every day life, but I missed advertising this on our blog and spreading the word around!
However, December is also TTTS awareness month, so it being still December, the post is somewhat timely!
This is an awareness campaign, and I wanted to link it in our current family blog. See the link to the left, and if you know anybody or hear of anybody (a friend of a friend, etc.) that is having multiples, please send them this link, it just may save a life, or lives.

On a related topic, Colby attended church for the first time this past Sunday. Related how? Well the mass was dedicated to Gavin. Gavin's name was printed inside the church bulletin, and he was specifically mentioned during one of the prayers. It was sad, but still a nice moment for all of us, and the church was packed (10:30am mass, Christmas season, catholic church, need I say more?). For once, we did get to church early, and got a decent seat! Colby did great (only a few small squeaks), and having a bottle on hand helped as well. We did not really advertise this particular mass, because it kinda snuck up on us (as things sometimes do these days). We got to briefly visit Father Sal, who had met both the boys at Wake Med and then presided over the funeral. He was truly delighted to see how big and healthy Colby is.

This holiday season has different meanings and has more intense emotions for us as first time parents, combined with all that 2008 had in store for us. Please pray and send positive energy to Colby for his continued good health, and please remember baby Gavin. What a year it has been.

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