Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Colby has been chewing on his hands and drooling buckets full for months now. Since December everyone asks us - is he teething? Well, I still don't know how you figure that out until the tooth comes through. So I guess Colby has been teething since December with the result finally appearing Easter morning - a little white sliver. We had mixed feelings about the arrival of the first tooth. Yea - a milestone met, but also sad that we are quickly leaving the little baby stage behind, and there will be no more toothless grins.

He is really doing well. He passes things from one hand to another, is starting to use the pincher grasp, and can get small things in his mouth (this is good and bad). He loves to sing, and will sing along with songs he knows (the ABC song and the Itsy Bitsy Spider are two of his favorites). He loves to sleep in his crib, or in the car, but not many other places. Sometimes he sings himself to sleep, and that is just about the cutest thing ever - his voice gets softer and softer until he just conks out. He loves to babble, and roll around on the floor. He is reaching for the dogs too, and they are tolerating him pretty well so far. He's not sitting for long periods of time, but will sit and play with a toy for several minutes. We think he might crawl before he has sitting mastered!

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