Monday, January 25, 2010


Colby is growing up fast! He's running around everywhere, and learning new words. He says bye-bye with a really thick southern accent, hat, hot, ba (bath), da (dog), poon (moon), shez (shoes), cheez (cheese), but no ma-ma or da-da. A duck says cack-cack, and a cow says moo. He's using some sign language - more, milk and all done. Everything that is lit up is hot (probably because we told him the lights on the Christmas tree were hot). This is not a bad thing because he seems to know that he should not touch things that are hot. Colby has also been teething lately which translates to not much sleep for anyone! Those darn molars are causing all of us a lot of pain!!! We have not cut his hair yet and are enjoying his mullet! Although people at the grocery store have a hard time telling if he is a girl or a boy sometimes : )

These pictures are from a morning spent at a kid's museum here in Raleigh.

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