Monday, June 7, 2010


We have some sad news to share. Our beloved Hershey passed away this past Friday, June 4. She had been on the decline the past several weeks and most likely had liver cancer (or some serious liver ailment) as well as some kidney issues (per recent blood work). However, she was doing fairly well considerning those issues and left us rather suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly (timing wise). I suspect she had a heart attack while napping late Friday afternoon, passing away peacefully in her favorite nap area (on the cool tile floor in the kitchen).

Hershey was truly a great dog. She was very smart and had quite a personality. My brother said she was one of the happiest dogs he ever knew, and we feel that way as well. She would have been 14 this fall, so considering her prognosis, her sudden passing while resting was a blessing. We miss her dearly and are still in a somewhat state of shock, but we were not looking forward to a possible challenging summer with suffering for her. Hershey went out on her own terms (very Hershey like for sure) and we are thankful for that.

Rest in peace Hershey Williams-Guy, 1996-2010 aka "pork chop" and "she she" (as Colby would call her)

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