Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can you believe Colby's two?

What a fast two years it has been! This week is a bittersweet week for the Guy family as we celebrate Colby's birthday and remember and miss Gavin. We had a small celebration/cookout for Colby this past Saturday with some family members, and today Jennifer and I are taking the afternoon off to spend time with our busy two year old. He will get his two year check up today, and then we plan on visiting Wakemed (to show him off to some of the intensive care nursery staff/doctors as we did a year ago, the staff loves to see their former little patients), and then a brief visit to the cemetery. We may head to the pool after that (weather pending), he loves to play in the water and "swim" (he spent two hours at the pool last night as well). Colby continues to be very healthy and happy, and is using more and more words each week, and can even place some simple sentences together.

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Which Way's Up? said...

Goodness gracious - it HAS flown by! Happy Birthday to Colby!! And you know I'm thinking about you both this week - and still remember how much I enjoyed sitting with you in NICU for some Colby-lovin'.