Monday, September 6, 2010

Bye-Bye Annie

It's been a tough doggie year for us. First, in January, Annie bit Colby after he fell on her. The decision to take her out of our home was an easy one, but we wanted to try to find her a new home. We were super lucky and very fortunate that our friend Heather took Annie in as a foster dog. She worked hard to find her a home and we were soooo lucky that Jeff Z took her in. They got along really well, and Annie was very at home with Jeff. Unfortunately, Annie started getting sick a couple weeks ago, and was not able to recover. She was back at home with us for her last week, and Steve tried really, really hard to nurse her back to health. She was just so sick that she was not able to bounce back. So on Friday night we took her in to put her at peace. She fought a hard fight, and was such a sweet dog. We will all miss her.

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