Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Colebank attends first sports event

We got tickets to see the Carolina Hurricanes play Columbus on Valentines Day and decided that if Colby had a good nap on Saturday afternoon, we would venture out with him (good naps = good nights, generally). After a 2 hour late afternoon nap, we were on our way to the RBC center! I was thinking we may see an hour of so of hockey, but he did well (despite the noise level at times), and we actually made it well into the 3rd period. We basically left then because the Canes were taking a beating, and Colby was falling asleep. Only misstep, we will bring baby ear protection next go round (we ended up stuffing bits of napkins into his ears, which actually worked surprisingly well, kudos to Jen).

It was a big weekend. Not only did he attend his first sports outing, he also got his first taste of food! He was cleared by his Dr's to begin eating rice cereal, and with a spoon (not through a bottle). It was a good first attempt, he probably got about half of what we gave him actually down into his belly. He was interested in the food and I don't think we will have any feeding issues with him. Also, he is still sleeping very well, with only a few minor middle of the night interventions.

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