Friday, March 20, 2009

It's been over a month?

It's been awhile since our last post. My does time get away? Things are going very well with the entire family. Our only family "hiccup" in the past few weeks was with Shelby, our 10 yr old black lab. She tore her cruciate ligament while frolicking in the snow a few weeks ago, and had to have reconstructive surgery (two weeks ago today). She is getting around pretty well and has only a minor limp. She will need to take it easy for several months as her hind leg/knee continues to heal. Hershey and Annie are doing well, and Annie still likes to lick and nuture Colby. The dogs would be thrilled to know that they were updated/discussed before you know who.

Colby is doing fantastic. He is eating well, sleeping well, and continues to light up a room with his "quick" smile. He is quite a ham, and a flirt. Our current nickname for him is "Mr. Sunshine" or just "sunshine" because he is generally happy and smiling (unless of course overly tired or real hungry). The "solids" that he is now eating (rice cereal and peas or green beans) seems to help him be "more regular," which is nice. The poor kid used to go #2 just once a week, and we thought that was a bit too long. He was 7 months old as of March 12, and is at at very enchanting age. We are enjoying every minute of it. Colby's nanny, Ms. Carrie, is doing great with him, and sure makes life much easier for the entire Guy household.

I am in the middle of my tax season, and I am actually updating this blog when I should be working on returns, but what difference is 10 or 15 minutes going to make? I am working alot, but can thankfully visit Colby during my lunch breaks since I live close to my office (about 2 miles). I also go home at dinner time to see him and Jennifer, and then typically head back to work after he goes down for the night. I also have inherited the morning shift from Jennifer, since she needs to be at work around 8am, and baby gets up typically around 7:30 (how nice is that?). I am not a morning person, and even when dog tired, it is relatively easy to get out of bed when I hear those little squeaks starting.

For those of you with elephant memory capability, we blogged way back in the fall about a photography exhibit that starts today (March 20) and runs through April 27 at the Halle Cultural Art Center of Apex. It is an exhibition of infant bereavement photography coordinated by Aimee Bickers of Pure Expressions photography. She was the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep volunteer photographer who took some very good pictures of Gavin and Colby, and one of those pictures will be included in the exhibit. Halle Cultural Arts Center of Apex is located at 237 North Salem Street in Historic downtown Apex. There is an opening reception tonight from 7-9pm.

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