Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Colby's first big road trip.

I don't know if we are brave, stupid, or crazy, but we decided to drive from Raleigh to Long Island, NY for Uncle Chris's wedding. We thought it would be fun to visit friends and family along the way and see a few sites. We did all of that, and had a great time. Colby is an excellent traveller, and sleeps beautifully in the car. We were so excited to be able to spend a whole week with him, but his nanny, Carrie, missed him a lot!

We were able to visit with friends in DC, family in Maryland, tour the Amish country in Pennsylvannia, hike and fish in the Catskill mountains, and take a ferry ride to Long Island for the wedding. The weather was perfect, and it was quite shocking to see the temperature reading in the car rise from around 75 to 109 during our 12 ride back to Raleigh. Our rock-star baby rode all the way from Long Island to Raleigh with very few complaints!

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