Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is a big day for the Guy family. One year ago at 4:10am & 4:11am, Colby and Gavin were born. This is a bittersweet day for us as anyone may can imagine. We started the day a little earlier than usual so that we could have coffee at Wake Med's Leap'in Lizard's Cafe (the hospital's coffee bar that we frequented often). We then decided to venture up to the intensive care nursery to show Colby off and to visit with the nurses and Dr's who were a big part of our lives during the Wake Med stay. We were surprised and lucky to have the two main Dr's for Gavin & Colby (Parsons & Bastek) both on duty and available for a visit. A handful of their nurses also visited. It was a little reunion for all of us out in the hallway, and was emotional at times, but very nice as well. It is always good for the Dr's and nurses to see healthy and happy ICN alumni, and many of them stated so.

We will update the blog later with pictures and some details of our recent East Coast road trip. Colby traveled through 6 states with the ultimate destination of Long Island NY, where is uncle Chris got married on August 8. It was a great trip, and Colby did amazing.

The Guy Family

Pictures - Colby had red velvet cupcakes for his first birhtday, but I'm not sure he liked them! He wasn't really sure what to do with them. His cousin Charlotte, friends Georgia and William, and Katie (his nursery neighbor from Wake Med) came to help him celebrate.

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